The Svetoslav Todorov Academy Representatives Platform 
is perfect for you to learn in depth about your music passion. We offer one-to-one online lessons via Skype from professional and award-winning teachers. We also offer lessons in person for the residents of London. It is never too early or late to start taking lessons for your own enjoyment, grade exams or conservatoire auditions. Making this gift for yourself is so beneficial and the best food for your soul. It makes you feel constantly inspired keeping you away from depression. The platform could also help with a specialised advising on the acceptance criteria for the major British conservatoires and other music institutions worldwide! We are particularly proud of the age variety of our experts which offers students fresh modern as well as more established and experienced approaches to music education. We teach students aged between 10 and 75 years as some exceptions might be made for younger aged after enquiry. 

The Founder and General Director of 
the STAR Platform is the energetic musician, graduate of the Royal College of Music and active concert pianist Svetoslav Todorov who resides in London, UK. He enjoys an exciting performing career with concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Salle Gaveau, Rachmaninov Hall, Loncoln Centre and others, having a particular passion in teaching. Pursuing a wide range of interests, Svetoslav is acting as a role model for many students with passion in classical, jazz, contemporary and popular music. More info about his career at

Photographer: Stephen D’Agostino