“I enjoy teaching what I know about playing the different types of bagpipes. The innovative idea of doing this process online as part of the STAR Platform would open out new possibilities to reach many curious students over the globe who are interested in studying bagpipe.” – James MacDonald Reid

James MacDonald Reid was brought up learning traditional Scottish bagpipe from the age of 9 and won his first gold medal at the age of 13. During his late teenage years and early twenties he traveled around Europe, playing at folklore festivals where he would meet traditional bagpipe players from different countries. When the season for these festivals finished, he often went to stay with these players in their villages and learn to play from them. Because he stayed for long periods within their villages, he learned not only their bagpipes but also their languages, songs, dances and customs. He has stayed in villages in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and Georgia, as well as visiting Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Czechia, Slovenia, France, Italy and other countries.


Old Scottish


French peasant

Bulgarian (djura gaida and kaba gaida)


Czech (bellows-blown “pukl” and mouth-blown “sutka”)

Polish (Wielkopolska, Beskidy, Suwalki)


Teaches in English, Gaelic, French, Bulgarian, Serbian

Additional information

Number of Lessons

4, 8, 12

Lesson Duration

30, 45, 60