“I have a lot of experience in music. I’ve played with some of the greatest musician on Earth. I’ve travelled a lot and I feel that I have something that I’d like to share with people. Kaval is a unique instrument and very few people are capable of playing it. I’m determined to make the instrument popular and I hope that a lot of talented people will join my mission!” – Zhivko Vassilev

Zhivko Vasilev is one of the most popular Bulgarian kaval players. He is well known for his experiments with the kaval and the constant seeking for unexplored paths in music. Thanks to his experimental spirit he is constantly driven combine traditional kaval sound with different western styles such as jazz, funk, latin, latin jazz, pop, electronic music and many more. The result of this incredible symbiosis is an exotic and unique style that he constantly improves.

He hails from the Southern city of Smolyan, Bulgaria in the heart of the Rhodope mountains. He inherited his love of music from his father and began his early training on the kaval at the specialist Dobri Hristov Music School in Varna, Bulgaria . He then graduated in kaval performance from the St. Clement Ochridski, University of Sofia. He has performed in Germany, Turkey, USA, Portugal, France, Poland, Belgium, Jordan, Colombia among other places. He has collaborated with many musicians from all around the world such as Max Moya, Xuxa Levi, Juan Garcia Herreros, Roberto Quintero, Christiane Karam and Hector Martignon. He is also the leader of his own project, the Zhivko Vasilev Trio, which blends Bulgarian folkore with western contemporary flavors.

Teaches in English, Bulgarian

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Number of Lessons

4, 8, 12

Lesson Duration

30, 45, 60