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During the 20-minute tester we would have the chance to meet you, learn about your music desire, set up the technology and introduce you to our teaching.

Distance music learning is very convenient in the 21st century. It is very easy and completely possible to use your own technology and learn your favourite musical instrument. Our experts will be watching you on the screen carefully in detail as much they would in person in order to give you the best advice. In case of sudden Internet Connection loss, we just reschedule the lesson, don’t worry.

BENEFITS from studying music online with us:

  • rewards your soul with joy;
  • saves travel time & costs;
  • improves the brain function (read more);
  • teaches lifelong skills such as organising, responsibility, thinking, fast decision-making, creativity, determination.

If you want to learn some different instrument than those we offer, we will find an expert teacher for you! Just let us know.

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