Apply now and we will process your answers in order to organise a FREE 15-minute call with your desired teacher. Before starting the actual lessons, we would need to know more about you in order to help you in the best way. Then, you can book your lessons and start the real fun!

Our rates are highly attractive and balanced in order to produce the best quality of service and keep in our team prominent and world-class musicians. You contribute to the musician’s time of preparation, for the maintenance of their instruments, internet equipment and for the best possible smooth running of the STAR platform website.


$40 – 30 minutes
$60 – 45 minutes
$80 – 60 minutes

Distance music learning can be a primary way of learning in the 21st century. It is very easy and completely possible to use your own technology and learn your favourite musical instrument. Our teachers will be watching you on the screen carefully in detail as much they would in person in order to give you the best advice. Whether preparing for an audition, competition or just for a performance event, students will learn from the first-hand expertise of our highly-respected mentors. In case of sudden Internet Connection loss, we just reschedule the lesson, don’t worry!

Studying with us can be advantageous regardless of whether you’re looking for a full time online teacher or someone to meet occasionally.

BENEFITS from studying music online with us:

  • rewards your soul with joy
  • saves travel time & costs
  • improves the brain function (read more)
  • teaches lifelong skills such as organising, responsibility, thinking, fast decision-making, creativity, determination

If you want to learn an instrument different from the ones that we offer, or study with a particular teacher, please request here!