“Dear music lovers of the world,

It’s wonderful to welcome you to the STAR Platform! 

I had an idea to create an online community connecting aspiring artists with music lovers across the world. It all started during my piano studies at the Royal College of Music in London, when I got inspired to collaborate with international exceptional talents, and to receive mentorship from musicians such as Nigel Kennedy and many others. Since then, the Svetoslav Todorov Academy Representatives (STAR) Platform set its mission to create a virtual community for the sharing of skills, knowledge, and stories.  

How does it all work? When you apply to STAR, we set up a free call to learn more about your background and interests and to find you the music mentor of greatest compatibility. Our experience with online preparation for exams, auditions or concerts is essential. In STAR, we will use our valuable experience as well as the advantages of technology to organise online studio classes, livestream recitals performed by you or by our mentors for you, and masterclasses with special guest professors from schools such as Juilliard, Royal College of Music, and others. Our music experts will also actively participate in the community by sharing their tips on practicing, auditioning, performing.

With no travel costs, in the comfort of your own space, and with teachers on several continents, the unique idea of STAR Platform is to introduce the individual stories of our music experts to the world. We know that this will inspire musicians of all ages to work harder, believe in their dreams and overcome their own abilities. And someday these music lovers hopefully will take this on to their own generation and bring back more inspiration to STAR Platform!

Svetoslav Todorov

Founder & Director

STAR platform viola teaching school academy online.

STAR Platform’s founder, director and pianist Svetoslav Todorov. Photo Credit: Stephen D’Augustino